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State Licensed

AMTA Member Since 2003


Myofascial Release

Neuromuscular Therapy

Trigger Point



My massage style is eclectic.   I can put you into a blissful, meditative half-sleep or make you cry Uncle!  Or both, in the same session.  It's up to you . . .

In 15 years of practice I have worked with adults and adolescents and with a variety of physical issues ranging from migraines and fybromyalgia to chronic neck and back pain.  Known among my clients and fellow professionals as a calm, grounded presence, I am skilled at blending a variety of massage modalities to create a therapeutic massage  experience  tailored to each person's needs.  Prior to each session, I listen carefully to what my clients are requesting and then, as the body begins to respond to treatment, techniques are adjusted as the body dictates. 


To be effective, some physical conditions require an intense treatment-oriented approach in order to affect the necessary level of change in the fascia and muscle tissue and aid its return to homeostasis.  My clients can count on me to skillfully render the necessary treatment while they're on the table and to provide appropriate self-care techniques that they can use to supplement their therapy at home.  If you want to feel better, you have to do the work - on and off the table. 


I also do a great relaxation massage.  My personal favorite though is the combo treatment/relaxation massage - an hour and a half session is perfect for this type of work . . . enough time to make the whole body feel yummy plus extra time to work deeper into a few problem areas.  When it's my turn to get a massage this is what I always ask for!  


Thankfully not everyone I see is plagued with chronic pain.  Often people just need the everyday tension worked out of their bodies in a skillful and compassionate manner.  Combine that need with a cushy, heated massage table, soft lighting, soothing music, the delicate scent of essential oils and a therapist who knows how to shut up and deliver the magic and you've got an awesome experience waiting for you. 



Every therapist that I've known has wished that they could feel their own massage, myself included.  If only this were possible!  Unfortunately, it's not!  In an effort, though, to give visitors to my site the most accurate description of my massage style, I've included a 'TESTIMONIALS' page on my website that includes brief comments by a few fellow professionals who have experienced my work over the years.  Please be sure to check it out!  Hopefully their words will give an even clearer picture of what you can expect from a massage session with me.